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Zaylyn's Journey to the big O-N-E! with K.D.P. (Kansas City Newborn Photographer)

You know what's better than just one session? Three sessions! I not only love to document your sweet little one as a fresh babe, I also love getting to watch them grow up and capture all of their first big milestones!

Meet Zaylyn! Her sweet mom and dad reached out to me to capture her entire first year and to any photographer, that is such a huge compliment. I absolutely adore all of my clients and think that the best compliment anyone can give a small business owner is their trust to give them their best and thats just what I did and do for ALL of my clients. (Kansas City Newborn Photographer)

Zaylyn's first sessions with me!

Kansas City Newborn Photographer

Starting off with her newborn session, she was such a sweet little one. I LOVED all of the ideas that Zaylyn's mom had in mind and just adored the cute little fairy wings that she brought to incorporate. If you know me, I usually like to stick to my normal style as thats what most tend to book me for however once in a while I love it when parents bring something subtle to incorporate. See how cute her portrait turned out with those wings! SO darn adorable! (Kansas City Newborn Photographer)

Kansas City newborn photography
Kansas City Newborn Photographer

Zaylyn's Sitting up!

Next up was her sitter session! These sessions are typically done somewhere along 6-7 months of age. This will guarantee that they are able to sit up un-assisted so that we can get all of those cute independent portraits with cute little props, layers etc.

Zaylyn was such a hoot by this age. My favorite part was her little "o" face that she kept making (See image for example haha). Don't let her fool you though. Some at this age are a bit overwhelmed during their sitter session as they have no recollection of their newborn sessions so to them this IS their first experience in a studio session. It took her a bit to warm up but after we finally found the perfect "blowing raspberries" sound that make her start laughing (compliments of her mama blowing raspberries on her arm... you had to be there haha it was so funny) she warmed right up and gave us all smiles and giggles from there. We had such a blast! (Kansas City Newborn Photographer)

Next up! The big O-N-E!!!!

Zaylyn turns ONE! (Kansas City Milestone Photographer)

Her smash session was by far one of my favorites to date! Her mom and I had brainstormed after her sitter session and decided that her smash session should be themed "Sweet ONE." I was SO excited for this and had already had in mind what color tones and vibes I wanted for this SO, off to Hobby Lobby I went to find some cute little faux donuts and cupcakes and then everything kind of spiraled off of that.

The day of her session when her mama showed up with this adorable cotton candied color dress, I was SOOOO over the moon ( her mama understood the assignment! ) It all came together so perfectly and I just adore her entire gallery.

Im so sad that her one year journey has come to and end with me, but I'm so happy that I was apart of her first year and was able to capture it and freeze some moments in time for her mom and dad to look back on. I cant wait to see them in the future for more sessions! (Kansas City Baby Photographer)

Until next time!

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