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Kansas City Newborn Photographer {Delaney Elizabeth Newborn Session}

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

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She is tiny, but mighty

Oh where to begin with this sweet little one... Lets rewind to over three years ago, when I first met her sweet mom and dad. Derek and Anna were newly engaged and it just so happens that I was Anna's hair dresser ( Fun fact alert! I used to work behind the chair in a salon prior to going full time as a professional photographer). Long story short, Anna had asked if I would do their engagement and wedding portaits and boy was I thrilled.

Their engagement session was such a blast. We did a variety of different portraits at Shawnee Mission Park, which included her sweet dog. Anna had the cute idea of placing her engagement ring on the dogs snout for me to get a quick photo of him balancing her gorgeous ring. Can't say I wasn't a little scared that he was going to toss it up and swallow it whole haha. Don't worry, he didn't and we got the cutest capture!

Soon after, the wedding came and well that..... thats another story in itself haha. One that at the time wasn't funny but as Anna mentioned at their newborn session, it's one that everyone still talks about. (just imagine losing all power to your reception venue and sweating like crazy (it was smack dab in the middle of summer) while wearing a gorgeous wedding dress and your bridesmaid holding up their cell phone flash lights for the makeup artist to see what she was doing haha. In the end however, it was still a gorgeous day and served its purpose. Uniting two individuals together as one.

Fast forwarding to a little over 9 months ago, Anna announced she was pregnant! I saw her share the excitement on Facebook and I was praying that she was going to keep me in mind for her newborn session. Of course me being me, I commented and said "Congrats!" and then its all history from there! She had me in mind from the very beginning she said and wow, that was such a great feeling and I couldn't have been any more excited that I was going to get to capture them not only as husband and wife, but now as Mom and Dad.

Sweet Delaney decided to make her appearance 3 weeks earlier than expected. Anna's water broke at home as she was taking a nap (she shared this with me during our chat at her newborn session), and her and Derek contemplated on what to do. Shortly, they headed to the hospital realizing that it most likely was her water breaking and not just a bathroom accident hehe.

Born on March 30th, 2021 at 2:07 a.m., weighing 6 lbs., 9 oz., Delaney stole their hearts.

I was more than thrilled to welcome them into my studio a bit earlier than expected. I had a few new items that were being reserved just for her, and I was over the moon that I'd get to use them sooner than planned. Anna discussed with me that she loves the neutral color palette and would love to incorporate some greenery into Delaney's session.

Right away, I got to work and designed some gorgeous setups for her session. Her session consisted of creams, light pale pinks, lace (Anna has a huge love for lace and I was super excited about that), and eucalyptus greens. (Side note, don't wait until the last minute to find fresh golden dollar eucalyptus haha.... its not as easy to find as you'd think).

Delaney's session was nothing short of amazing with some added in sweet little farts and many diaper changes haha. OH, we also can't forget her mighty desire to eat, eat, eat. She is small, but I have a feeling that she will be growing like a weed with the way her appetite is :)

Im just about finished with their gorgeous gallery, but had to share a bit about our story and how we connected.

Stay tuned for more portraits from Delaney's gallery!

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