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{Liberty Missouri Newborn Photographer} Baby Ava's Newborn Session

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Liberty Missouri Newborn Photographer
Liberty Missouri Newborn Photographer

Ever have those moments that you just really needed? You know, when you've had a few rough days and just needed a "break?" Miss Ava was that for me. Its so funny because I get the privilege of capturing a lot of sweet super cuddly babies and each session has its special place in my heart (that sounds silly but its so true!) but man some of them cuties really make you work for it. Any newborn photographer can relate I'm sure! (Kansas City baby photographer)

Prior to each newborn session, I really have no idea what to expect. I'll have many parents that set expectations, (as do I ) but lets be real, the session is normally completely dependent upon the baby even after all of my tips and tricks, some just take bit more work than others and thats ok! If you've had a newborn session with me and have asked me why I do what I do you'll know what my response is every single time. "Its both rewarding and challenging."

This leads me to Miss Ava. She came in ready to rock her session. She literally barely made a sound. Her sweet mama fed her and then she was ready to go! I was so in love with having her in the studio, that it made me realize just how far I've come with my journey as a newborn photographer (Liberty Missouri Newborn Photographer). I've had moments years ago when I just started newborn photography that I felt so incredibly defeated and overwhelmed beacuse I had a goal in mind and it felt so incredibly far away.

Kansas City Newborn Photographer, Kansas City Baby Photographer, Liberty Missouri Newborn Photographer, Liberty Missouri Baby Photographer
Liberty Missouri Newborn Photographer

After taking a ton continuing education and investing a lot into my education for newborn photography and posing I feel like im almost satisfied. Sounds crazy I know ( I think its the perfectionist in me). From the design of the setups to the posing and editing (lets not forget the connection with each of my families prior during and after the sessions), newborn sessions will always have a huge part of my reasoning behind why I love my career. (Kansas City Newborn Photographer)

With all of this being said, thank you sweet baby Ava! You gave me such a "Aha" moment in my career that I really needed. Sometimes the smallest people can make the biggest impact.

Until next time!

Kimberly Churchman

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Liberty Missouri Baby Photographer

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