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Kansas City Photographer {Snow and Spring Flowers}

If you live in and around the Kansas City Metro area, you were well aware of the snow we just had. When they said "get ready for the winter blast," I figured they were just over preparing us for a slight fall of snowflakes. Guess what? I was way wrong! haha Kansas City (specifically Blue Springs Missouri) was blanket in thick white fluffy snow come Tuesday morning. It was such a gorgeous sight to see but also was very rare. How many time does one get the chance to see gorgeous pink, purple and white blooming trees blanketed with a fresh snowfall? This lead me to my next random photo shoot with my little guy.

I knew the snow wasnt going to last long beings the temperatures were going to be reaching above 40 degrees, so we quickly went and looked for a fun little outfit in the closet that would be perfect for a few portraits in the snow and headed out the door.

{My little guy is such a trooper. Any mom that does photography knows that kids quickly get tired of being photographed, but my little man is still all for it so I say bring it on! Side note, chocolate sprinkle donuts were a good bribery as well hehe. Worked like a charm :-)}

I had the perfect spot in mind that I saw during last weekends sessions and so thats where we headed! We got a few gorgeous shots of him in the little road and then under a gorgeous purple blooming tree and lastly in a gorgeous wheat grass area. Huge tip, never go to a session with a specific shot in mind. Let candids happen naturally with kiddos. Let them venture on their own and capture them as they are. You just might be surprised what you'll capture when you are not continuously asking them to look at the camera.

Once we got home, literally no longer than 30 minutes later, most of the snow was already melted! How bizarre is that. Its was almost like the perfect winter. It was here for us to enjoy for a bit and then BOOM it was spring. Why cant it always be like this? Wouldn't that be just so amazing?

I was only able to edit two of his portraits so far because I have quite a bit of editing in my quest from last weeks sessions, but I wanted to share them with you!

Cheers to the snowfall and here's to Spring!

Kansas City Family Photographer
Loved this capture of him while he was pretending to be a fox and sang "What does the fox Say"

Kansas City Family Photographer
Trying to catch a snowflake....He succeeded hehe

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