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I'd like to take a minute to introduce myself {Kansas City Family Photographer}

Hey! Its me, Kimberly! Ya know… the one behind the lens {Kansas City family, Senior, Maternity & Newborn Photographer}

Kansas City Newborn Photographer, Liberty Missouri Newborn Photographer, Kansas City family photographer, Kansas City Senior photographer
Owner of Kimberly Diane Photographer

Since its been almost 7 years that I’ve been in business, I figured its time to formally introduce myself. I’ve been capturing families, babies, couples, seniors etc. in and around the Kansas City area for almost 7 years! (Kansas City family, Newborn, Maternity & Senior photographer) Im not sure how thats possible, but it is! Granted, the first year or so was spent learning a ton and finding out what it takes to be a decent photographer and then the rest of the time I’ve continued to do the same. I feel like there’s always something new to learn and the possibilities are endless. I first started out with capturing families,(Kansas City Family Photographer) then it went to children and then to seniors and now I feel like I’m a pretty well rounded photographer with the exception of weddings. (I used to capture weddings, but its not really my jam and my heart isn’t in it as much as It should be).

These last two years, I’ve spent a lot of time dedicated to learning more about newborn photography (Liberty Missouri Newborn Photographer) and how to safely and beautifully provide gorgeous portraits for my clients of their newborn littles. One of the biggest reasons why I chose to concentrate on newborn photography, is because there’s something so special about being able to create and mold sweet portraits of their littles while they are still so fresh and new.

Several clients have asked me, “Why do you love to capture newborns? (Liberty Missouri Newborn Photographer) It looks so hard and takes a lot of patience.” Why yes, it’s both of those things haha. I usually have the same answer every time I get asked this and its super short and sweet. I love it because its challenging and rewarding. (Its also super fun to cuddle all those squishy babies and get my baby fix in).

This brings me to my next point of discussion.

Several and I mean SEVERAL lately ask me if I still offer outdoor sessions (family, seniors, children, etc.). YES! I absolutely do! This is where my heart began to love photography and it will always be the reason why I do what I do. Capturing outdoor golden hour sessions bring me so much joy and allows me to really bond and connect with my clients while creating long lasting memories. Whether you’re updating your family portraits in your home or you haven’t had family portraits done in 15 years or at all (yes I’ve had a few of those and those are my favorite!), I’ll always treat you with the same respect in hopes that you’ll come back to me time and time again. After all, I’d rather have clients that come to me because they love my work, not because I’m just someone with a fancy camera.

Kansas City Newborn Photographer, Liberty Missouri Newborn Photographer, Kansas City family photographer, Kansas City Senior photographer
Kansas City Senior Photographer

Im sure I could go on for days and days because I feel like after years of being in this business, I’ve learned SO much. The biggest part of what I’ve learned is that photography is way more than just snapping a photo and slapping a filter on it. It takes hundreds of hours of learning, marketing, ordering, calling, emailing…. Well, you get the picture So I appreciate each and every one of my clients that have helped me grow and help me to continue to grow as a small business owner and photographer.


Your Kansas City Family, Senior & Newborn Photographer

Kimberly Diane

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