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He did it!!! { Kansas City Portrait Photographer}

Kansas City Family Photographer

Just a few short years ago (really I think it has been like 4-5 years to be exact), I met Jess and Kyle. They showed up to my Christmas sessions with their two adorable doggies. From the minute I met them, I knew it was going to be fun to capture them. They were so easy going and "real." (In real I really mean, straight forward and tell it how it is and says exactly what you know everyone is already thinking but some will never say hehe). I LOVE IT!

If there is one thing for sure, I knew that Jess and Kyle loved each other through and through. For a few years now I've loved seeing her very up front posts on Facebook or Instagram about how she was always a bridesmaid and never a bride and man she just loved to give Kyle crap for waiting so long to pop the question. Im sure he had planned to pop the question long ago and was just waiting for that perfect moment. After all, there's no way they were going to part ways.... like ever! haha

One session in particular that I always think of when I think of Jess and Kyle, was their lakeside session. Wowza! They brought the steam to this one. I was needing a gorgeous couple to help model these sessions for me to see if they were something I wanted to publicly offer... well needless to say, they almost broke the internet with their hotness. (see photo below for what I mean hehe). Their session was so much fun and they delivered beyond what I was envisioning for these sessions.

Ok, ok, ok I'll stop blabbing and just get to the point.....

HE DID IT!!!!!! Kyle officially popped the question on March 15th, 2021!!!! That was literally the best post I've seen in awhile that made me scream with excitement for them. It didn't take me long to reach out and basically say, "I HAVE to be the one to take your engagement portraits" (well you know.... as long as thats what they wanted as well haha).

Their engagement session was anything short of fun and full of laughter, joy and sweet hugs and kisses and of course a little bit of slobber and fur as well. Anyone that knows Jess and Kyle, knows that they are huge lovers of their two little doggies Brahms and Gertie.

A few weeks before the announcement of their engagement, I had discovered a gorgeous creek area in the Blue Springs, MO area and I was dying to use it for a couples session and I feel like it was just meant to be to use it for them and It was nothing but perfection. We used this area as well as one other location that has always had my heart and Im so glad that the evening turned out to be just amazing.

Check out my Facebook page for more portraits to come from their gorgeous session! Until then, peek below for another sneak and one from their lakeside session with me a few years ago as well as our very first session together <3

Blue Springs Family Photographer

Liberty Missouri Family Photographer

Lees Summit Family Photographer

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