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Graduating Seniors! Let's Go On A Journey! (Liberty, Missouri Senior Photographer) {Cali!}

Your last year of high school is approaching. All of the hard work that you've endured during the last three years is about to all become worth it. All of the lectures, note taking, labs, pop quizes, tests oh and we can't forget the ACT's and SAT's. Whew, Im exhausted just thinking about it all again. Let's fast forward to the fun part of being a senior! You get a lot more privileges, you get to leave campus for lunch (not sure if they still do this but I got to as a high school senior!), senior prom, senior banquets, ordering your class rings and then there's the cap and gowns.... oh, the list goes on and on BUT let's talk about the moment where I come into play........

Thats right. Im not just talking about, "ok, say cheese." No. I mean, lets talk about what YOU enjoy as an individual. What vibe YOU want to have for your portraits. What outfits make YOU, you. Next, Let's talk about what things we can incorporate into your session. For example, sports you're involved with, musical instruments you may play, clubs that you may be involved in, or any other things you'd like to highlight during your session. Once we go over these things, THEN we can plan out our journey together to create the session that you've aways wanted. I not only want to make my seniors happy (and the parents haha), I want all of my seniors to be excited to share them all with friends and family and be proud of them because they had a say in creating the vision for them. (Liberty Missouri Senior Photography)

My most recent senior, Cali, was such a dream. Her mom, grandma and sister drove up from southern Kansas just for me to capture her senior portraits (I might be slightly blushing over this still). Before hand, I go over different outfits that she might want to considered based on what she mentioned she was into. One thing that is important to me, is that I do NOT want my seniors to be out of their element. If they are happy and comfortable, then getting genuine smiles and laughter is a breeze. Sometimes I get those that are a bit harder to crack, but trust me, I have my ways so no need to worry at all.

When descirbing my senior portrait sessions with my clients prior to their session, I like to emphasize that its more of an adventure versus a photo session. We will choose the overall locations for the photo session together, but half of the fun is walking around those areas just exploring sights that stick out to my seniors OR where I think they will look amazing in.

Cali's session started out in the West Bottoms area in downtown Kansas City. She mentioned wanting to have some with an edgier, urban vibe as well as incorporating some of Kansas City's most popular spots. Since she is not from Kansas City, I knew that I had to make sure to hit all of the popular areas to ensure that she had a good "Kansas City" senior portrait session as well as had lots of options for her final gallery.

Our next stop was Burr Oaks (Blue Springs, Missouri Senior Photographer)

If you are a local, you know that Burr Oaks (Blue Springs Missouri Senior Photography) is one of the most popular areas for portraits in general, but there is a specific area that in that last few years has grown extremely popular. Most of the time, I avoid this area because it is usually way over crowded and it has been way overused to where it's not as special anymore HOWEVER, this day in particular, it was perfection. The first thing that Cali's mom mentioned when walking into the woods was "This place is just like being in the Colorado Rockies." This literally made me stop in my tracks, because I always describe this area to my other clients as it being just like the Rocky Mountain National Park. Needless to say, even though it was a bit chilly, Cali rocked this portion of her session as well and the glow was absolutely stunning.

Last but not least, we ended her session with a gorgeous warm sunset and a gorgeous wheat grass field. Simple yet perfect as I see it. We could of had it a bit warmer than what it was, but we couldn't have asked for a better sunset. It was the perfect ending to a gorgeous senior session. We even managed to squeeze in a few of her younger sister and her together which are a few of my favorites from the session.

All in all, her session was one for the books and reminded me why seniors are so special to have. Many things will come and go, but your senior year only happens once. It is worth documenting and needs to be done so in a way that is tailored to YOU. After all, you've earned it!

Are you an upcoming Senior looking for the perfect senior portrait experience? Let’s connect and start planning out your journey! (Kansas City Senior Photographer, Liberty, Missouri Senior Photographer, Blue Springs, Missouri Senior Photographer)

Until next time!

Much love,


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